I’m cycling along the Andes from Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, to Cartagena in Colombia, starting October 2011.

This blog is for updating family and friends on my trip and to provide a few basic resources for cyclists. I will not bore you with all that bollocks about how adorable and kind the little brown people are despite their poverty.

Embedded GPS routes will (hopefully) show every inch of the way, as long as the battery (Garmin Edge 800) holds up and I can manage the IT side of it.

There will also be a few photos, comments on road conditions and info on places to stay (mainly camping and Couchsurfing with the odd treat of a hotel).


WHO ARE YOU? Male, 27, British. That’s about all I’m telling.

TELL ME ABOUT YOUR GPS ROUTES? I’ll be aiming for scenery, tarmac and accessible civilisation. If I achieve two of those at any one time, I’ll be happy. GPS maps all downloaded for free – some legally, some allegedly not. I’ll include any wrong turns I make and give an overview of each stage so that you can avoid the same mistakes. The links will carry all manner of stats, if that’s your thing. Find them in the ‘diary’ section

ARE YOU DOING THIS FOR CHARITY?  No. Give to charity if you like, but don’t let me guilt trip you into it.

ARE YOU SPONSORED? No. All opinions expressed are authentic. If hotels, airlines, bike parts etc. are crap, I’ll tell you.

WHAT KIND OF BIKE? See the ‘Bike’ page.

WHAT’S IN YOUR BAGS? Tent, clothes, tools, spare parts, water, the usual. Luxuries include Swarfega (I hate eating with oily hands), toilet roll and a couple of books. Otherwise, as light and unattractive to thieves as possible.

WHY THIS ROUTE? It avoids Brazil. I don’t want to be cycling in the jungle and my Portuguese isn’t good enough to be aired in public. I have a vague idea of the route but that will probably change once I start – basically, Argentina/Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia. Follow in more detail on the ‘Route’ page.

WHY DO IT ALONE? It’s difficult to find people who have the time, money, fitness and enthusiasm. Most people who do this kind of trip go alone and tag along with other cyclists when it suits them. Some go in couples but that doesn’t apply. A travel partner means double the breakdowns, disagreements over routes and such, and more difficulty finding accommodation (especially on Couchsurfing and its ilk).

CAN I CONTACT YOU? southamericabike@gmail.com until the address being made public means I get too much spam and I shut it down.